Monday, June 04, 2018

Tour + Review and Giveaway: Nightmare's Eve by Stephen H. Provst

Nightmare’s Eve
Stephen H. Provost
Publication date: February 22nd 2018
Genres: Horror, Young Adult
A collection of 16 short stories and 10 dark poems in the tradition of “The Twilight Zone.”
Trapped for eight centuries in a space no larger than a shoebox. What would you do to escape? How far would you go to rid yourself of that parasite in your brain that feeds off the worst of your nightmares? What if the person closest to you were fated to die – and you were powerless to stop it?
What if your savior were also your greatest fear? Would you trade years of your life for a chance at redemption? Would you slay or spare the dragon whose eyes gaze up at you pleadingly in the final moments of its life?
These are the questions that run through the mind when twilight fades and eyelids grow heavy. Fight the onset of sleep. Thrash beneath the covers in futile defiance of what lies beyond. This is the between-time of Nightmare’s Eve, those brief but lingering moments between the waking world and the abyss. It will have you. It’s only a matter of time.

3.5 stars

I really enjoyed this collection of horror-filled short stories. I completely believe that horror is a genre that definitely works as a short story because even in a few short pages, it can give you a thrill. The writing in the novel really made the stories come to life.

Here's my problem, as with most horror books. I want to be scared, and even though this book gives you a thrill, it didn't scare me which left me a little disappointed. Not a single one of the short stories scared me (and I wouldn't be as disappointed if even one had).

Overall, it was still a great collection of short stories. If you love horror and anthologies, I would definitely pick this book up because it was a thrilling, quick read.

Author Bio:
Stephen H. Provost is a veteran editor, reporter and columnists with more than 30 years of experience at daily newspapers in California. He’s currently the managing editor of The Cambrian on the Central Coast, as well as a columnist and assistant city editor for The Tribune in San Luis Obispo.
As an author, he has written historical nonfiction (“Fresno Growing Up” and “Highway 99: The History of California’s Main Street”), novels (“Memortality” and “Identity Break”), while also exploring the realms of mythology, fable and ancient history. 



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  2. Thank you for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed the book.