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Review: Anatomist's Wife by Anna Lee Huber

13542496Anatomist's Wife by Anna Lee Huber

Scotland, 1830. Following the death of her husband, Lady Darby has taken refuge at her sister's estate, finding solace in her passion for painting. But when her hosts throw a house party for the cream of London society, Kiera is unable to hide from the ire of those who believe her to be as unnatural as her husband, an anatomist who used her artistic talents to suit his own macabre purposes.

Kiera wants to put her past aside, but when one of the house guests is murdered, her brother-in-law asks her to utilize her knowledge of human anatomy to aid the insufferable Sebastian Gage--a fellow guest with some experience as an inquiry agent. While Gage is clearly more competent than she first assumed, Kiera isn't about to let her guard down as accusations and rumors swirl.

When Kiera and Gage's search leads them to even more gruesome discoveries, a series of disturbing notes urges Lady Darby to give up the inquiry. But Kiera is determined to both protect her family and prove her innocence, even as she risks becoming the next victim...

Pages: 357
Format: Paperback
Published By: Berkley
Genre: Adult - Mystery, Historical, Romance
Series: Lady Darby Mystery


Anatomist's Wife was a surprisingly wonderful and thrilling novel. I was not expecting, for whatever reason, to love it as much as I did. I was drawn into this novel from the very first page, and could not put it down until I had finished the book. Anatomist's Wife is about Kiera Darby, who was the wife of a late Anatomist, and because of her association with him, her reputation and life are in ruins; so she goes to live with her sister in Scotland. While there, her sister and brother-in-law throw and party and one of the guests winds up murdered, which results in her aiding Sebastian Gage in trying to find out who murdered the guest and why.

This novel was perfectly paced, there are slower moments and then there are faster moments, but this book keeps you on the edge of her seat waiting to find out what happens next. The characters were all amazing from Kiera and Gage to Alanna and Phillip, and then there are some characters who you absolutely hate, but I feel that it was very historically accurate in their behavior. And the murderer, I am pleased to say that I didn't figure it out until right before the book divulged that information.

Kiera is a strong heroine, especially considering what she has been through. She doesn't let what others would think completely hold her back from trying to help Gage. Initially, Gage is very dislikable and frustrating, but as the story progressed, it's hard to slowly not like him. There was a hint of romantic tension between the two of them, but that didn't progress into anything in the first book, and I loved that their relationship is going slow - it's not normal in historical novels
(at least in regards to what I have read). I also absolutely loved Alanna and Phillip, and their relationship with each other - it's so cute.

I was very satisfied with this book, and I wished that it hadn't ended so soon, but the great thing is that it's a series, so the story of Kiera and Gage is not yet finished. I would highly recommend this novel if you are interested in a historical mystery with a touch of romance, because this is the perfect blend. I look forward to reading and finishing, Mortal Arts.

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