Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Spookathon (October 14th-20th) TBR

Last year, I had planned to participate, and I can't recall if I did or not, but this year, I am definitely planning to get around to it. Here is the link to the Spookathon. You can find this post on my YA Blog here.

The prompts for this readathon and my planned TBR is as follows:

Read a Thriller

I have a lot of options for this prompt, but the one I picked up is Mother-In-Law. I plan to listen to the audiobook version.


Read a Book with a Spooky Setting

The book I have chosen for this prompt is In a Cottage In a Wood, because that would be a spooky location. If for whatever reason while reading, this book ends up not fitting the setting, I have a few other books that could fit.


Read a Book with a Spooky Word in the Title

The Spooky word I chose for this prompt is Ghost, so my book is Gap Year in Ghost Town. I randomly stumbled upon this book at the library, so I hope that I end up liking it.

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Read a Book with Red on the Cover

Another prompt that I have many options for, but what I ended up going with is Doll House.

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Read a Book that I Normally Wouldn't Read

I don't have a book picked out for this challenge.

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