Friday, March 16, 2018

Tour + Giveaway and Excerpt: Patriots by Will Kane Thompson

COVER zoom.pngPatriots: Book One
Genre: YA/NA
Release Date: October 18th 2017

Whether they admit it or not, or even realize it, their whole lives have been altered by the events of September 11th, 2001, when they were just kids.

They came to this paradise of a college campus to find freedom, themselves, their future, sex, love, fun, God, intellectual discovery, their creative core … but instead find their world being torn apart again by political divisiveness, extremism, rage.

And now one of them will turn back to the terror of their youth in the hope of finding answers.

The rest will be victims.

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“It was hot in the bed when Ryan woke up, Tracy’s right leg still bent around his left. She loved that, sleeping with their legs all intertwined, she facedown, her arm over his chest. He hated it. So many times he’d wake up with an arm in that strange combination of being both numb and sore and trying to pull it out like dead weight from under her shoulders or ribcage. Other girlfriends had liked to cuddle in the beginning, but then retreat to their separate sides. Ryan got that, he missed that, but not Tracy, all night with the touching, the dead-weight arms, the sweaty spots he felt right now in the places their legs still touched. But lying there, hot and uncomfortable, he had to admit it wasn’t the physical stuff at all. Mom had been right. She didn’t like Tracy from the beginning. He should have listened to her. Ryan knew he’d have to be the one to end it. For reasons he didn’t understand, she seemed perfectly content. He should do it soon and get it over with, he thought. Why drag it all out?”

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