Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Review: Kiss Me Darkly by Cecilia Gray

30065524Kiss Me Darkly by Cecilia Gray

A brand new series from the author of The Gentlemen Next Door, praised for being a "delightful Regency romp… in the spirit of Georgette Heyer."

Meet Dinah Belle—the Blasé Belle—who never gets emotional because there is no problem—including love—that she cannot solve with her superior intellect. The irrational emotion of love has destroyed her family, but it must have a cure, and she has the perfect test case by which to discover it.

Meet Graham Abernathy—the popular duke's son—a gentleman who goes out of his way to please others and be well liked. Not that it's done him any good, since the woman he loves has thrown him over for someone else. Heartbroken, he attracts the interest of one Dinah Belle, who has her sights set on him—for research, of all things. 

Dinah has no intention of failing. He has no intention of being cured.

Pages: 111
Format: Ebook
Published By: Gray Life, LLC
Genre: Adult - Romance, Historical
Series: Kiss A Belle
FTC Disclaimer: I received this book free to read and review, thanks to Cecilia Gray and Xpresso Book Tours.

Cover Review:
Out of all of the covers, this one was definitely my least favorite. I just didn't like the choice in color.


So I enjoyed reading this book as much as the first three in the series. It was just as quick as a read as the rest were. But at the same time, I didn't really relate as much with Dinah. I liked her and I liked her relationship with Graham, but I wasn't as invested in their story as I was with the three other sisters.

I would still recommend this book. It wasn't worse than the rest. It was just as good in my opinion, but I just didn't connect with the characters, which is okay.

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